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Georg Apfelbaum Steps Down as President of EBCA

Fri 29 March 2024 - By: Staff

Georg Apfelbaum, the co-founder and longstanding face of the European Baseball Coaches Association (EBCA), has announced his resignation from the position of president of the organization. Apfelbaum, who has dedicated over two decades to the growth and development of baseball in Europe, leaves behind a legacy of unwavering commitment and tireless advocacy for the sport.


As president, Apfelbaum played a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the EBCA, working tirelessly to promote coaching excellence and foster a thriving baseball community across Europe. His leadership and vision have been instrumental in establishing the EBCA as a driving force for coaches development in European baseball.

"We are deeply grateful to Georg for his exceptional service and dedication to the EBCA over the past 20 years," says Bertrand Rue, vice-president of the EBCA. "His passion and expertise have been invaluable in advancing our mission and inspiring countless coaches and players throughout Europe."


With Apfelbaum's departure, the EBCA will continue its mission under the guidance of its remaining board members. Current vice-president Bertrand Rue will step into the role of acting president until the EBCA board will select a new president at the upcoming EBCA convention in November 2024 in Budapest, Hungary.

Georg Apfelbaum's departure marks the end of an era for the EBCA, but his legacy will endure as the organization continues to thrive and grow under new leadership.


As the EBCA looks to the future, it remains committed to fostering a vibrant baseball community in Europe and welcomes energetic individuals to contribute to its mission. We invite individuals with a passion for baseball and a commitment to excellence to consider joining the organization.

For those interested in getting involved, inquiries can be directed to info@baseball-in-europe.com.

Georg Apfelbaum Steps Down as President of EBCA - EBCA