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EBCA Coach of the Year 2021 Voting

Cast your vote for COY 2021
Mon 17 January 2022 - By: Staff

What has been normal as of late? The pandemic has shaken things up quite a bit – in baseball and every day life. In baseball, practices and games were reschuled, postponed, restricted and cancelled. As has been our annual convention, where we usually annouce our yearly award winners.

With the 2021 EBCA convention cancelled, our own schedules were pushed back. This includes all things regarding our Coach of the Year (COY) and the other awards.

But we are now back on track, looking ahead to 2022. Even with the current variants holding most of Europe in a stranglehold, we believe things are looking up. We are encouraged we will be able to meet in person at our 2022 Convention (details tba).

And that we will be able to honor last year´s and this year´s award winners.

Next season is still a few months aways, so let´s look back now at 2021. Who is your European Baseball Coach of the Year? We have three deserving candidates – but only one can be crowned the winner (check here for the award process) and take home the hardware.

Find out about the three finalists and cast your vote here: https://poll-maker.com/poll4062477x0441492B-128

This year´s public voting is now online and will run until Feb. 5th. The poll will close at midnight.

EBCA Coach of the Year 2021 Voting - EBCA