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Certificates of Participation 2021 available now

Find your certificate in the Member Area
Wed 3 November 2021 - By: Staff

Sorry for the long wait, but the Certificates of Participation are out now. If you attended one or more of our Webinar Series 2021 as an EBCA member, you should have received your certificate by email just now. You can always log in at the Member Area (https://www.baseball-in-europe.com/members/) and download your certificate under ‘My Profile’.


Notice: this Certificate of Participation is only available for members. If you attended one of the webinars for free, you are not eligible for a certificate. Become an EBCA member now, and we will issue a certificate retroactively (we will check to verify you logged in and attended). Also, viewing the video is not enough to obtain a certificate.


For the future events and webinars, we will make the certificates available online. This way you can download your certificate(s) when needed for accreditation. The authenticity verification will always be available, even after your membership expires.



Certificates of Participation 2021 available now - EBCA